Creatively Using and Responding to Change

Permaculture Guiding Principle 12- Creatively Using and Responding to Change


Expanding to accomodate growth
Leo, Juan and Randy get into the construction of a new, larger, improved house for Onyx, the quickly growing lamb.

Creating a Future we Can Live Into

Onyx, the little black lamb is back to sleep in her enclosure next to the door, after gulping down a full 8 oz bottle of milk. She’s cramped. We respond to that change by building her a new pen.

Permaculture ethics and principles offer guidance that applies to working with nature to interact with all layers and systems. In remembering that we are part of nature, we stop fighting for control and begin to observe deeply. As we start to learn the language of nature, we can co-design systems in alignment with her laws. This hopeful vision unlocks secrets to a life of abundance.

It is easy to get overwhelmed and forget the big picture. For instance, today I’m making time to prepare a comfortable space for volunteers while the pineapples need weeding, the school gardening project is kicking in, the booklet needs editing, and the greenhouse needs water.  I need to stay focused on priorities. 

Against Costa Rican laws, a neighbor clears the forest to roast coffee then sprays herbicides to grow rice.

Observing to Understand the Bigger Systems

In order to change powerful economic and geo-political systems burning up finite resources, we must observe deeply to understand how they work.

From a place ravaged by greedy extraction for more than 500 years, we link bits of news from pitifully few reliable sources. Gleaning information from a large collection of documentaries, internet research, and books, we learn how the larger human-created systems impact life on the planet.  Most recently, we watched this presentation from a formerly high level CIA officer, now whistleblower talking about the Shadow Government and the Deep State.

The narratives; the stories told about the world shape our views. Unfortunately, those we used to trust to learn about what is happening in the world have become our tax-dollar-paid-for advertisements for corporate and military structures perpetuating war and headlong off a climate cliff. It’s sort of like learning that your favorite teacher was a pedophile. The truth behind the stories we’ve been told and built our worldview around is something else.

While the media and the internet are shrinking freedom of the press, there are few reliable sources for truth. Caitlin Johnstone, a funny, intelligent, outspoken Aussie reports on the political system. I am one of her supporters on Patreon.   While some find her words offensive, I find her outrage refreshingly matched to the gravity of what she investigates. Caitlyn Johnston’s article How To Spot A Media Psy-Op . Or this one, about how it is now legal for the government to lie through the media.
Two additional sources of independent reporting we trust:
Consortium News
And Telesurtv  

It is too late to mess around arguing about R or D, or left, right, or center. If you need more proof of the climate dangers, go to NASA here,   this Scientific American article.  David’s favorite scary article on climate change, if you can handle it. Or, just look out the window.

Creating a Future we Can Live Into

Thankfully, the human species has the capacity to learn and grow. By choosing to stop perpetuating a system in crisis, we can stand for healing on the ground  and addressing the larger systems. First, by observing how they work, we can interact in ways to build a path to a clear vision of a better future. The ethics of Permaculture; earth care, people care, and fair share are a clear guide to that future.

Share the vision
A passion flower with a pollinator. Like a passionate vision shared with visitors.

Last night, I dreamed of a drugged-out pock-marked naked body being pulled out of the mire. Maybe that’s me. The shadow image of where I was and what I am healing from. Or perhaps, on a bigger picture, where humanity lies, and is hopefully, coming out from. Change, no matter how much for the better brings fear, grief, and a need for security.

So please try to hang in there, and as my mom would say, “listen compassionately” through tough political conversations. These systems are ravaging life on our planet. We need to stand up to fight for our lives.  Ego is insignificant in the picture of big things. Holding on to a vision of a prosperous, healthy, and just world for future generations keeps me hopeful.

Thank you for your part in the journey.
Pura Vida

Tread Lightly, Life Underfoot