Dig Deeper-Resources

Dig Deeper with resources to tool-up for a future we can live into

Given that we live in a time where it’s easy to get discouraged, we can either numb ourselves, or wake up, dig deeper, and tool-up. For us, dig deeper means increasing our understanding of the systems at play, and figuring out how we can make a positive impact on broken systems. So, we are sharing these resources.

Perhaps here at Patos, we only attract a small percentage of volunteers who are on fire to change the world, but nonetheless, we’re hopeful. We woke up. Others are awakening. We’re finding each other. We’re sharing and supporting each other. We’re here with you.

These dig deeper resources links are here to support you in tooling-up to work toward the greater good.

Be watching here in the future, for additional information. I’ working on a little permaculture booklet, in Spanish and English. I’m still a web-design-beginner, and internet is slow here, so thanks for patiently hanging in there with  me!

Dig Deeper into Permaculture

Dig Deeper into Advocacy

Dig Deeper into Effectiveness

We’re not alone.

Join the fun.


Swale building
Karlee and Marietta planting seedlings of a new tree for preventing erosion
Tree Mix
Charlotte and Matius carefully pile ingredients for a perfect compost mix.
Makin' dirt
Volunteers from Belgium and Switzerland make new soil from dried cane grass