Dig Deeper into Permaculture

Lucky Ducks flying into the sunset over the Rainbow Worm around the tree of life

Dig deeper into Permaculture: watch our favorite documentaries free on YouTube. 

Permaculture is based upon three ethics and 12 principles that can be applied to virtually any system.  Once you have a basic understanding, you can apply these concepts to any given situation. 

72 hour Permaculture Design Course with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton

Permaculture Concept Cards

#1- Observe and interact – harmonious relationship between nature and people.

#2- Catch and store energy – focus on building healthy living soil–

#3- Obtain a yield – design systems for self reliance- planting food forests with diminishing energy inputs maximizing future outputs–(our most favorite hopeful films for the future!)

#4- Apply self-regulation and accept feedback – designing self-reliant and energy efficient systems.

#5- Use and value renewable resources and services -think of our children; ahead seven generations

  • Gasland & The Sky is Pink (make sure you get the real Josh Fox videos, not the gas industry’s hit pieces from buying his name on Google)
  • Flow, For the Love of Water- on Water Privatization

#6- Produce no waste – value frugality, reduce, refuse, and reuse, before recycling

#7- Design from patterns to details – observing and using patterns from nature

#8- Integrate rather than segregate – valuing and utilizing connections

#9-Use small and slow solutions – designing to highest purpose with minimal output

 #10- Use and value diversity- providing insurance against the vagaries of nature and everyday life

#11- Use edges and value the marginal – expansion of the edges increases system productivity and sustainability

#12- Creatively use and respond to change – envision and create the future

“let’s play in the dirt”